Understanding and Preventing Child Abuse

Child abuse is common.. mostly occurring due to lack of attention of parents or caretaker towards their child. At a young age, children are too naive to understand the real world. Anyone can be a victim of abuse but with children, it’s a little more sensitive issue. Therefore, it is not only important to educate the children about the abuse but also taking careful measure for preventing child abuse.

Abuse can be of different types: Sexual Abuse:

Commonly known as child molestation is a form of abuse on a child by an elder for sexual favors. It may include engaging in sexual activities (and recording it) with a child (with/without consent), exposing the child to indecent pictures/videos or sexual abuse in child marriages. It may happen with anyone..anywhere. Most cases reported says the abuse to be occurring in homes by someone close or a relative, in schools by a teacher, worker or fellow student or in a workplace (in case of child labor) by other workers.

Physical Abuse:

Physical abuse occurs mainly at home or at schools. Children who are victims of physical abuse are likely to be disturbed mentally too. It’s okay to be angry on your child and punish them but taking too harsh measures for it can count as physical abuse. Beating your child, making them starve out of your anger, hurting them physically with an object, intentionally making them suffer.. all come under physical abuse.


Neglect is when parents don’t pay enough attention to the child. It’s a form of abuse too. Not providing the child with proper food, clothes, home, medical attention (when needed) or supervision may lead to a bad effect on a child’s mental and physical health. Children need a lot of attention and without proper care, by the parents or the caretaker, it may cause a lot of damage to the child. Always keep an eye on children around as it may give a huge indication of what they’re going through! Often children who are too quiet and seem to be thinking a lot or those who are all the time absent from school are likely to be victims of abuse/neglect.

Psychological Abuse:

As the name suggests it is when the abuse harms the child emotionally and messes up the way their mind works. Emotional abuse may again be caused by being too harsh towards the children, abusing them verbally/physically, torturing them, etc. Comparing your child with others and calling them names also can affect the child emotionally.

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Substance Abuse:

Allowing children to consume drugs or other addictive substances or ignoring/abusing the child while you are under the influence of drugs is substance abuse.

Children who’ve been through abuse are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and other disorders that might affect them for their entire lifetime. There have also been cases where people who were once victims and have been through abuse themselves are now abusing children because of emotional instability!
You can bring a change if you think wisely. All of this can be prevented easily. What happens around us at childhood.. all the experiences shape us as an individual. What we learn since the beginning, it remains with us till the end of our lives. Children are too sensitive and by controlling our actions and behaving in a civilized manner in front of them can work really well.

Practice Open Communication with your Children:

Your children shouldn’t be afraid of you. For a stable relationship, you’ve to make them trust you with everything going in their lives and not scare them which may make them seek someone else’s opinions on their personal matters rather than yours.

Think twice before saying anything in front of the children — No matter how angry you learn to control your anger and certainly not take it out on your kids. Your unintentional/intentional act (out of anger) can affect them for a long, long time. They may never be able to open up to you again.

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Observe their Actions:

You can easily decipher what a person is going through mentally just by observing the way they are acting. People when sad or overthinking look absent-minded. Even if you try to make conversation with them they’ll avoid you or not pay attention towards you or to what you’re saying. There will be a change in their appetite. They won’t eat much and will prefer sleeping or staying in their rooms all day long alone.. not preferring any company, not even of their close and dear ones!

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Help Children if you Feel they Need it:

Many times when you would’ve seen a child being abused or a victim of abuse you would’ve thought it’s best to ignore the situation as it’s none of your business. But before doing so, think twice. What if you or your own child were in the child’s place? It’s scary..right? Isn’t it? Next time you see such a case report it and make sure the child gets all the help he/she is in need of. Your small act of bravery and kindness can make a child’s future bright and happy.

The idea behind sharing this article on preventing child abuse was to help you as parents in keeping your children safe and secure by creating awareness among them.

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Originally published at http://strengthstheatre.com on June 13, 2019.



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