Top Qualities of a Good Anchor

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Back in the day, most college students wanted to pursue a career in medicine, law or management. There were hardly any people who dreamt of becoming anything other than the top three. Later on, the advent of media channels and houses attracted the attention of the youth towards the dynamic, creative and well-paying jobs in the media industry. Jobs like those of a journalist, TV anchor, reporter, is Radio show producer have been popular choices of career amongst the youth. Surprisingly, the job of a TV anchor is the most-rewarding as compared to any other in the same field. However, not every anchor is well-paid in a respectable job. So, what makes a good anchor? What the qualities of a good anchor?

Qualities of a good anchor

The job role of an anchor is far more pressing and nerve-wracking than any other. The aim is to constantly entertain the audience and drive the show throughout without a dull moment. Whatever be the appearance! What matters is how the qualities of a good anchor help make the show a successful affair. For those who love the stage life, here are some of the characteristics that a good anchor should most definitely possess.

Don’t think about others

People always have perceptions. What they think, talk or do in their thought bubble or circles shouldn’t affect your performance. It is the part and parcel of an anchor’s job to not be bothered about what they say. You should do your job well in driving the show successfully.


Confidence comes with a great personality and polished skill. An anchor should have excellent personality grooming skills because appearance does matter when it comes to stage performances like these. Fears like stage anxiety, trembling and shakiness is absolutely unacceptable for an anchor’s job role.

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It goes without saying that an anchor must reflect smart and sleek vibes while on stage. You don’t have to be pretty or beautiful to make for a successful anchor. You must carry yourself well, be street smart, humorous and well groomed to create a lasting impressing an emcee or anchor.

Stage presence

The most important qualities of a good anchor include stage presence at the top. What is an anchor good for if they can’t handle tricky stage situations with élan and grace? Well, all the practice, learning and nights of toiling to become a good anchor boil down to that one moment where stage presence save the day. Since you are the only attraction point on the stage, your words and actions should be captivating enough to keep the audience glued to their seats. They might not remember what you said but they will walk out of the show as entertained folks.

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Subtle Humor goes a Long Way

Comic timing is very unique and rare in anchors. It is easier to make your audience cry than laugh. You can learn to host a serious show but a comedy show or lighter show needs some extra of pulling of strings. Cracking a few jokes here and there and staying engaged with the audience has an overall positive impact on the show success.

Be camera ready

Besides pre-recorded shows, anchors have to be on their toes, always ready for the camera at work. Whether it’s physique, makeup, dressing or overall personality grooming, the anchors have to be on top of their game when facing the camera. This means eating right, regular working out, sworn-by skincare regime and keeping healthy are some of the obvious life priorities of an anchor. The aim is to sculpt your mind and body well to face the camera with pride and glory.

Even though the audience marks their presence for the contestants, it is the anchor that fills in moments of boredom with fun and entertainment. The anchors have big shoes to fill in. Anchoring isn’t a profession for the meek, shy and under-confident rather it is for those who demonstrate excellent language skills, stage skills, carry themselves well and are aware of their body language. Some personality grooming skills coupled with the above-listed qualities of a good anchor make one successful in this profession.

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