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We may have listened to many fairy tales in our childhood times. But what was the main aim to get to listen to those stories full of fantasies, stories full of morals at the end? Did they provide us with the power to be strong and determined? Maybe to an extent. Many of us were born leaders? How can that happen? Not everyone is a born leader? There are so many of the qualities that are made up of hard work and so much effort. But some of the qualities are also present since we are grown up. We all need some leadership skills to keep up with our responsibilities so that we could be a leader of our own actions and thoughts.

Leaders need the courage to stand up for their community and that is brought from the morals we have taken with us from those stories. Not everyone will believe it and for them, hard work is the only source to become a magnificent personality that could do wonders to make this world a happy place and the reason why hard work is the most crucial source of being independent and ambitious in our respective fields. Leadership skills are not easy to absorb on our own.

Bill Gates, Jacinda Ardern, Robert Mueller, Satya Nadella are one of the 50 great leaders according to Fortune. They may be not much recognized to us but they are much more likely to be known in their particular fields because of their versatile qualities and their determined attitude. The importance of leadership skills is full of stories that will inspire you to bring a definite change in your personality. They are adaptable to all the positive changes in their thoughts and emotions. They are prone to more criticism but the beauty of their patient and calm personality vanishes all the tensions and worries in their way to success. However, there is an urgent need to have a generous leader to vanish all the negativity in the communities that have been precipitated in recent days. Some of the leadership qualities come from the zealous, honest belief.

● Courage

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
- Winston Churchill.

How beautifully the quote has been addressed to all the leaders who have not only kept their opinion but listened to all their team members’ opinions as well. This shows the true nature of the person who is a holder of an observant position. It inhibits the leadership skill known as integrity. One should have esprit vibes when they are working in a team and they should listen to all the views and thoughts that come in their suggestion box. Soft skills training is good for all those who may not control their outrageous attitude when they are working in a team. Personality development skills are the most important elements that would help people to become the likable leader. There are some qualities that make a person an efficient leader such as honesty, integrity, discipline. A community leader would have to listen to everyone before deciding about the overall welfare of the society members.

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How Creative are you?

Creativity does not get hidden longer than a leader would want to hide. A leader should have an immense passion to show the world a better look towards the future. How the customers want to have their experience with the product will be handled by the mixture of all departments but a leader only will take care of the process being done in the right way. The leader would get creative in impressing their clients in a unique manner of marketing their favorite facility. As per some studies, leaders are prone to get more creative when they get full support of a team. The compassionate leader will give more chances to the uniqueness of their team members so that more content would come their way. Personality development skills are all one wants to get involved in creative thinking.

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It’s okay to be Wrong:

To err is human. We all have heard it all the time one makes a mistake and to make it feel light, we repeat this quote again and again. Learning from our mistakes makes us more attentive to the future opportunities which can directly and positively affect the growth of the organization and of the individual as well. All the successful leaders might have taken a wrong step which would change their life. All wrong steps are always not wrong sometimes it gives us the direction to right path after some point of time. A simple and short level mistake may be solved easily but it is the quality of a leader which is most important here to apply in the solutions to big problems. Personality development training is most important to consider in accepting the mistakes and working on it constantly.

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Let them Enjoy the Work:

Getting bored at work? No excitement to work on the pending projects? The solution is with the leader itself. As the leader would make the way to work on the project. Imagine if Bill Gates would make the employees work even when they do not want to. How would the brand become the brand as it is known? Talking of the employees that what they want for the workplace to be cooler as they want, a leader should make them comfortable and not burden up their work schedules. This does not mean that one should not be serious about their projects. It has another motive to let the employees enjoy their work as it will make them more likable towards their goals and other opportunities. It also helps people in acquiring their positive thoughts. Personality development skills will help them in acquiring a more efficient manner to improve their process.

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What’s in Praise?

Wise men say that praise will never let you procrastinate work ever as it is a source of attention seeker itself. In other words, who on earth does not like to be given credits for anything? No one( practically). Therefore, a leader has to keep on growing good relations with his team members. It is a source of motivation in employees so that they could work better on themselves and for the firm as well. The mode is through cash and non-cash payments. Personality development training also helps people accept credits in a positive manner and one should not become overconfident for the same. Likewise, a team leader should manage their employees in the discipline. They should have a growth mindset toward the company’s goals and objectives. The huge level businesses are not handled easily until the workers are not given equal credits for their immense efforts to the given output.

As per some studies of Dr. Richard K Nongard, 84% of businesses will have a shortage of effective leaders in a few years. Another fact explains the lack of leadership development strategies in one out of 3 businesses. A bad leadership may cost an organization 7% of its annual sales which genuinely raises the importance of faithful leaders at the workplace. This needs to be revised as the percentage of good leaders is increasing with the change of time.

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What Quality do you want?

After all the information about leadership skills, one should know that they have to become good leaders at least to improve their sales report at the annual meet. However, there are many more qualities for the leader to have especially in the changing dynamics of the workplace. As the business would get advanced, the techniques to implement and execute the strategies would be no longer easier for the leader. They have to work hard to maintain their level in the team and get the maximum reach in the market for the products and services. A leader has to take care of the policies that could affect their personal growth too. Bringing the essence of integrity at work would cause no harm but positive changes in the attitude of the colleagues. At last, it is the communication skills that play a strong role in bringing out the best in a leader.

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“Lead by example with hope; never fear”
Michelle Obama.

Originally published at on January 16, 2020.



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