Character Building Exercises for Kids

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Character Building Exercises for Kids

The inherent complex attributes that complete a person for what he is defined in society. He may be attributed to his sense of moral and ethical layout or he may be defined by his sins and immoral behavior.

Warren Bennis has said that without the vision and passion, the character is the most basic fundamental need to be a leader. In this statement, we can comprehend that the foundation of every character trait has an input of integrity and morality. When a character is built these two foundations automatically get created.

You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.” — Henry David Thoreau

Four of the major Questions we must Ask about Character Building:

  • What is a good character?
  • What causes or prevents a good character?
  • How can a character trait be measured?
  • How can a good character be developed?

When you ask these four key questions and analyze the basis of the question, you get to see the light of why it’s essential.


Teach our children about the daily need to address essential components such as:

  • Kindness: Volunteering and making them understand why the poor are poor and how can we as citizens help them.
  • Responsibility: Attributing to various household chores helps them the need for sharing and creating a sense of responsibility.
  • Confidence: Provide them with challenges that are appropriate for them to tackle. Support them but never help them which is the key.
  • Work Ethic: Teach them the value of money and how one can not get whatever they wish to get because it’s earned.
  • Manners: A need for manners from smiling to addressing is thought through cognitive abilities when they watch and learn from you.

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When your child needs to address a resolution (say, contemplating on deciding between two friends), help her exert the ethical thing to be performed and see the definite results in her everyday life as she progresses. You would likely encounter ways to be included in social and community activities that are available to your children to help them gain interest and social skills. In a gist of things, you might find these relevant as it helps in addressing character development in children.

In short, a character is built through a sheer focus on changing their own life. By stepping forward and knowing what’s right and wrong and understanding the philosophy of change one can surely address character development. In today’s day and age, one must go through the works of books and courses for personality development to better themselves and make a difference in our society.

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