7 Major Challenges Faced by Women in India

The core problem that stays in society is the rules set for women, regarding management and behavior. Some of them are challenging as a woman cannot step out at night without a man, this subconsciously only promotes the thought that women are unsafe, and because of this in many households in India, families treat girls differently than boys. Challenges faced by Women in India start from when they are in their mother’s womb till their death.

7 Major Challenges Faced by Women in India

1. Problem Of Molestation:

As we read newspapers, we come to know women are often the prey of rape, sexual harassment, and subjection to child marriage, and when a woman speaks up against any molestation as an act of revenge the harasser throws acid. Young girls are kidnapped due to child trafficking and are forced to grow up in a tougher environment that can even be dangerous. Pointless to mention, women are being abused in public places by bullying, remarking indecently, threatening their human dignity, and eve-teasing. Personality grooming classes and self-defense are very necessary for women to become confident and bold to take a stand for themselves.

2. Dowry- A Never-ending Challenge:

The issue of dowry, in which the girl’s family, has to lend a large amount to the groom’s family, is an old-style and deteriorating problem that still prevails. Due to the helplessness of the bride’s family in providing dowry, many people abandon the girl child and believe in female foeticide. Many girls in villages are also murdered by their own families in the name of honor and their reputation is held back when she chooses to marry the person she loves. The honor killing practice is so dominant and there are no safety rules that can protect a woman.

3. Racism Faced By Women In Lower Sections Of Society:

Beauty is turning into a problem for women, and so is their skin tone. Fair women, particularly from lower castes and religions, are not good enough, believes society. This has given rise to acid attacks and scarcity of good food, diet, and lifestyle to look less attractive and darker than the fortunate women of their social class.

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4. Discrimination:

Tribal women are crushed to death for witchcraft, an allegation against women who do not cooperate or are incompetent in satisfying men’s needs. Likewise, in villages and rich families, women are tormented for not begetting a male child for the family. Eventually, the female child is killed, resulting in female foeticide. Raising a girl child is regarded as a curse for the girl child will one day leave the family and acquire the practices of another family while the son of the family is expected to carry on the family practices.

5. Challenges Faced In School:

First of all, there are not sufficient schools, especially for girls in the village areas. As women attain puberty their freedom and right to education are taken away and they are forbidden from going to school. Due to the deficiency in proper sanitation facilities, many women reluctantly drop out of school. Even later when a woman acquires education and a degree and joins the workplace, the problems and issues don’t stop there.

tips for working mothers 6. Challenges In The Workplace:

In many workplaces be it corporate or even in a government office, the power play dynamic is abused and manipulated. Many male seniors take advantage of their juniors and exploit them for pleasure and involve in unlawful activities.

The best soft skills coach reveals that when it comes to financial segregation, women are not taken into account when deciding the pay. Women’s contribution at the office is underestimated and they are waged far lesser than their male co-workers. When a woman comes into a powerful position, they are often pulled down bypassing negative comments. The deficiency of women representatives in every field creates a space in society and a nation does not progress and grow.

Sexual exploitation at the place of work has been a fear and the me-too movement confirmed it occurs at every level. Women are not nominated to be in power and decision-making roles because they demand men to be threatened by women bosses. The woman’s growth in a company is not assessed by her potential or caliber.

7. Challenges Faced By Widow Women:

Women who happen to be widows and divorcees are forced to feel low in society and are deprived of job openings with unmarried women. In addition, these women are exploited and mistreated for auspices; and are not permitted to participate in or enjoy functions and holidays.

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These were some of the challenges faced by women in India. In many cases, gender roles are assigned, and how a woman talks, dresses, and wishes to live her life in her way is also decided by somebody who is not a woman but is still supposed to have some sort of power over women. Some rules that women are expected to bear are, that they must be accepted, and they should always cooperate even when they are in an unhappy and unsafe environment. There is no safe room for women to seek help, and they should be trained in all domestic responsibilities.



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Develop your inner self and strengths with premium personality development classes conducted by Sanjeev Datta, the jury member of Miss India Organisation.