6 Impressive Ways to Practice Self Love

6 Impressive Ways to Practice Self Love

Self-love can be explained as thankfulness for one’s worth or quality. That takes in accepting yourself the way you are, prioritizing your requirements, placing healthy boundaries, and forgiving yourself when required. Pampering yourself with kindness and respect means giving yourself the time to take care of your overall happiness and interests. Various ways to practice self love don’t have to imply an expensive activity, like a reservation for a weekend at a resort. The effort is paying attention and caring for your desires and that could be as simple as a five-minute break to detach from the competitive world.

Ways to Practice Self Love

2. Compliment Yourself:
A tiny but effective method to make yourself feel great and eventually boost self-confidence is dedicating yourself to a compliment. Complimenting ourselves often leads to moving the relationship we uphold with ourselves as well as our attitude. We are aiming to emphasize the positives, which generates more positive feelings around us.

Even though you feel like there is nothing to compliment yourself about, something tiny like keeping pace with your self-love behaviors, is worth complimenting. “We need to set free of the concept that we have to be perfect all time. Practicing self-love is realizing to extend empathy and kindness to ourselves”.

If you feel uncomfortable having a conversation with yourself, set a particular time of day to compliment yourself, for example in the morning or at night before sleeping. You can pen it down in a journal or stick post-it notes on the bathroom mirror before going to sleep. You can even put a note on your mobile that you are doing a good job even though you failed many times, at least you tried. Positive comments and motivation for instance “I can achieve this” or “I am valuable” can also be a way to prove self-love.

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3. Speak to Yourself as You Would speak to your buddy:

Negative talking to oneself is something we all get involved in. Still, if you continuously beat yourself up for your failings, it can make you feel vulnerable, useless, and less motivated to put yourself out there. No one is perfect. Try to imagine your friend committed the same mistake or failure, and consider what you would say to them.

“A great part of self-love is discovering that tiny voice inside of our head. And by noting how we speak to ourselves, we can reflect ourselves the kindness when an interaction or task doesn’t get executed as planned”.

Also, check in with what you say within or think about yourself throughout the day. Connecting yourself with positive self-talk helps you move in the direction of acceptance and eventually loving yourself.

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4. Practice Mindfulness:

Being aware is an approach to boost self-love, as it can support you identify what you comprehend, think, and need. Mindfulness involves being fully present, indulgent, and conscious of what is going on around us.
Numerous meditation apps and personality development classes can train you on how to practice deep breathing and various other mindfulness techniques. “Meditation and mindfulness can be outstanding ways to help bond more with our present experiences and understandings, and rise our consciousness of what is going on internally”.

5. Celebrate the Small Wins:

People should celebrate the wins, no matter how small it is. People can fix strict expectations for themselves or get trapped in what the world demands of them. We go to work and work out hard to match those standards and we push ourselves up when we don’t need that”.

Giving rise to lofty dreams isn’t immoral, but deciding realistic expectations is associated with our needs, wants, and values. We are more liable to accomplish these tasks and feel more gifted and motivated to complete the next task, which influences the feelings of self-love. The slight accomplishments sum up and generate the energy for reaching the end goal.

6. Limit Time on social media:

“Stop comparing yourself to others who have previously progressed or have this kind of job, pay attention to yourself, and live purposefully and realistically.”

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An essential component of self-love is holding back from self-judgment and evaluating yourself to others, a simple trap to fall into if you are always scrolling through social media. Research has noticed that many people get into social comparisons based on what they watch on social media and that there is a solid relationship between social media usage and self-esteem.

Controlling time on social media may improve feelings of loneliness, nervousness, depression, and fear of missing out. Research done in the year 2018, especially, proposes that limiting social media use to less than half an hour a day improves your well-being.

Self-love doesn’t grow overnight. It is a lifetime practice, and some days will be more valuable than others. “Self-love isn’t demanding you to make each day all rainbows and sparkles, but to keep on learning to make better experiences. Self-love can be a test, but by concentrating on the practice, you will start getting results- together with several health benefits. So, those were some of the ways to practice self love in your life.

Originally published at http://personalitydevelopmentskills.wordpress.com on February 2, 2023.



Develop your inner self and strengths with premium personality development classes conducted by Sanjeev Datta, the jury member of Miss India Organisation.

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Develop your inner self and strengths with premium personality development classes conducted by Sanjeev Datta, the jury member of Miss India Organisation.