5 Major Components of Emotional Intelligence

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Had a major argument with your peer or senior at the workplace? Don’t know how to react? No worries. Happens to all. Not all people are born calm and patient. There are situations that may make us feel different from our normal behavior. Emotional Intelligence is an emerging issue for future employees that may make them feel more active in their jobs and other projects. The changing lifestyle with modern aspirations is the main reason for variations in the behavior of individuals at a young age. For a better understanding of this topic, components of emotional intelligence have been discussed here. There is high time that companies should give training to employees to give a chance to their self-management skills in emotional quotient. There are many discussions that have been lately put up for the improvement of emotional quotient.

There are signs of high emotional quotient to be present among the employees for better client management skills. Not only it is important for working groups but also for budding candidates in every field. People with high emotional quotient think before they speak. They get the exact meaning behind other people’s points of view. Most of the employers want their workforce to be active in their client relationship management by balancing their emotions at work. They should be aware of the required reactions that they should give to their seniors. They are helpful to others when needed and it shows the team spirit in further activities. They are concerned about a better future for themselves and for the organization as well.

Sometimes we are not self-aware of the emotions or reactions that we give to others. Stepping into other’s shoes may mean more here in this discussion. We should be aware of what decisions we make in our lives. Most of the time we are engaged in useless distractions. These distractions create a roadblock to our goals to be achieved. All the personality development training programs that have been started by employers in their training sessions teach people to avoid all distractions in their tasks and give their best to the projects to enhance their personal growth as well. People can practice meditating to think for a while what all they want in their life. It will maintain a clear vision for them and they would practice self-awareness more than earlier.

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How many times do we think about filtering our thoughts before we speak? There is a reason behind that less score and that is people do not accept all the queries towards us. Regulating those reactions is taught by the trainers in personality development course. It increases the trustworthiness for the peers every time we think before we give reactions. The game is all about the reactions that we give to others’ thoughts. Self-regulation does not mean that one should stop showing true emotions to other people but it leads to positive thoughts that people should get while they listen to each other. Regulating also means being open to the changes in someone’s behavior towards us. Regulations help us to be positive all the time and maintain the level of discipline in our work.

Social skills do not always mean to be active in socializing to people but it also leads to showing the right emotions at the right time. The channelizing of emotions should not lead to the bad reputation of an individual as well as for the company. When we join an organization we react according to our thoughts but it does affect the firm’s name as well. Do not let anybody else spoil your name by the way you react to others. It helps individuals to build up an excellent relationship with clients and building up a strong team in the organization for better growth prospects in the future.

An individual may have a high IQ that may win him many votes but a low IQ may lose him all those votes he got while maintaining the strong connections for the company. Personality development training will help people to learn important social skills for future interactions.

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Had we thought of motivating someone else by our thoughts? Emotional intelligence is greatly affected by the series of motives that we have set for ourselves. Motivating becomes important when we think before we speak so that other individuals may not be badly affected by our reactions especially our seniors. Most of the employers have given a chance to their freshmen consider motivation as a source of building good performance reports at the end for themselves.

The positive flow of emotions gives people a reason for organizational commitment for further opportunities coming their way. Personality development training leads their way to good and bad motives. It is no good or bad in motives but it is our series of thoughts that may help us choose the correct motive for our growth prospects.

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The most important skill to be learned in personality development training is to provide the best services to our clients in every possible way. It generally means providing comfort to other people by the way of your reactions to their opinions. It deals with giving importance to all kinds of cultures in the workplace. It will definitely lead to dynamism for the same.

It raises the willpower for the people to grow exponentially in their tasks and provide the best services to their clients by building up a strong and loyal relationship with them at their end. After all the analysis of the situation, we give the maximum votes to empathy which will help in maintaining equal and effective relations with all the connected people in our lives.

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Before reading onto the major components of emotional intelligence, one must analyze their situation and get to know whether they have high EQ or not. The signs for low EQ are equally important to be discussed as the high EQ too. Blaming others for the wrong results is the major sign behind the low EQ for the employees to acquire on their side. In most of the known MNCs, it has now become an important issue to be solved among the employees that may provide good pay at the end. Emotional intelligence is positively linked to the performance levels of individuals as it may lead to their promotions at higher levels. As per the emotional intelligence statistics, employers pay $29000 to people with high EQ levels. However, balance growth is also considered between EQ and IQ at some point in time.

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